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Tips on How to Clean Mold from your AC Units

Scientific research and analysis conducted on the performance of ac units have actually proved that molds are the most common types of dirt deposits on the air fresheners. This is due to the reason that in most cases, molds in the units contribute to a great extent the presence of air pollution in most rooms where the units are fitted.

It is therefore very important and vital to ensure that you are in a position to maintain your unit at the best working condition. This is done by ensuring that molds and dirt in the unit are removed often through regular cleaning. This is also important in ensuring that the efficiency of the unit is maintained at very high levels.

When should you clean your ac unit?

There is no definite time as to when the air conditioning unit should be cleaned. However there are different factors that can be used in order to identify when time for cleaning the unit is ripe. In instances where you identify molds and other deposits on the air conditioner, cleaning of the unit should be undertaken.

In addition to this, you should always check when the ducts in the units are infested with insect debris which should be removed by cleaning the unit. You should always be quite observant and identify situations when the unit is blowing air that is polluted by dust particles. With continued accumulation of dirt and dust particles on the air conditioning unit, there is usually a very high likelihood of formation of mold in the unit.

Cleaning the ac unit to remove the molds

Cleaning your ac units is actually very simple and does not require you to have any technical knowledge about the operation and functioning of the units. You only require opening the unit and removing the filter so that you can be able to access the condenser. You should spray the unit with clean water and let the water stand in the unit for about 15 minutes.

You should then use a very clean cloth or piece of towel and wipe off the water. In order to be able to dry the unit completely, you should use a vacuum cleaner in order to suck the water particles from the unit. It is important to spray the unit carefully so as to prevent water from getting into contact with the fan in the unit.

Use a brush to dust off the condenser and the filter. You should also use a fairly rough piece of clothing to clean the fan and the blades on the fan. You should then use a vacuum cleaner in order to suck all the dirt and dust particles that may be hidden in the unit. These are particles that can not be wiped off manually.

The water base in the unit should be extensively cleaned due to the fact that this is the part that holds much of the standing water in an air conditioner unit. After extensively cleaning the unit, you should then give it time to dry completely. After the unit is completely dried, it should then be reassembled. It is important to accord your unit regular cleaning in order to maintain its high performance standards and efficiency.

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