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Should You Hire a “Handyman” to Repair Your St. Petersburg Air Conditioning?

Often, in an honest effort to save a few of our hard earned dollars, some St. Petersburg residents looking for air conditioning maintenance or repair have turned to handymen.

Acquiring their contact information from places like Craigslist or job boards, these trusting individuals are simply looking for a job well done, but do they find it? Generally no. Before hiring a handyman for any type of services (and especially when we’re dealing with an investment as costly as your heating and cooling system) read the following information.

What is a Handyman by Definition?

Looking through the numerous websites, forums and online definitions of a handyman and his skills leaves a lot to speculation. One website that actually refers handymen to jobs defined handymen as “not being Jacks or Jills-of-all trades.”

It further stated that many handymen actually have no primary skills, but are more than willing to learn-as-they-go with a great deal of on the job training. I don’t know about you, but being the guinea pig for a handyman who is learning his trade is not my idea of a person I want working on my A/C unit.

What Does the Builder’s Association of Florida Say About Handymen?

The State of Florida does not license or regulate handyman practitioners, therefore, a handyman is only able to perform minor repairs such as painting, general cleanup, trim work and minor repairs or finishing. Handymen are not able to perform any structural, plumbing or electrical work although they often do.

When a handyman moves from the realm of minor repairs to structural repairs or construction work that he or she is not authorized to do, they are entering the area of unlicensed activity and are subject to prosecution.

 The Trust Factor

At Sub Zero Air Conditioning, we are licensed and fully insured HVAC contractors, completely knowledgeable and educated in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. We possess the knowledge as well as the skills to provide maintenance and general A/C repairs for both residential and commercial customers. Beyond our skill level, we also offer fair prices for our services as well as an annual maintenance package that saves you in the long run by keeping your unit running well.

Diagnosing the problem with your A/C unit often requires skills as well as tools the average handyman just doesn’t have. With years of customer satisfaction and outstanding membership with the Better Business Bureau, would you trust your heating and cooling system to anyone else?

Whether you’re looking for a yearly check up and efficiency diagnosis now that summer is upon us, a quote on a new unit, or minor repairs to an existing heating and cooling system, we’re right for the job.

Give us a call today. We service Orlando air conditioning units and all the surrounding areas. There’s no reason to suffer in the heat (or put your A/C unit at risk with an inexperienced, non-licensed “handyman”). We guarantee a remarkable experience!

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