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Home Hot Spots: The Causes Behind Uneven Cooling

Spring is over, and summer is officially here. You have the air conditioning system set on a nice 78 degrees, and that’s always been perfect before. Recently you’re noticing a strange quirk though, –uneven cooling.

In some areas of the house, the temperature is normal, even cooler than you expected it to be. In others, however, there are ‘hot spots’ that make life almost unbearable. This uneven cooling problem is a complex one, and one that can be caused by a number of different problems. If you are experiencing this issue, let’s take a look at what might be causing it.

The Science Behind Uneven Cooling

In order to really understand why your air conditioning system is cooling unevenly, you need to understand how air normally circulates through the AC system. While many homeowners think an AC simply distributes cool air throughout the home, the process is much more complicated than that.

The AC unit is also in charge of removing hot air from the home through the use of return ductwork. Normally, this air is taken outside, where it is released. Fresh air is then taken from the outdoors through separate ductwork and cooled before it is introduced into the home. This allows for a ‘give and take’ type of balance in the home.

If the balance of this system is off, even by a little, either due to the efficiency of the AC system or a problem with the ductwork, the result is uneven cooling and hot spots.

An imbalance in the system is most often the reason behind this problem, but there are other issues that could result in hot spots as well, including:

  • Zone Control Systems – Zone control systems are used to control the temperature in different specific areas of the home. In order for them to work, electric dampers must be installed in the ductwork so each zone can be controlled by its own thermostat. If hot spots are developing, this could mean a problem with either the thermostat or the dampers.
  • Dirty Air Filters – Air filters may seem small and insignificant, but they play a large role in whether your St. Petersburg air conditioning system works as it should. Make sure to change them regularly to prevent them from becoming dirty and clogged, as this can result in uneven cooling due to inadequate air flow.
  • Blocked Registers – If you are experiencing hot spots in your home, take a deep breath; before you start panicking, take a look at where your furniture is positioned. Is the bed, couch, or television stand blocking any supply or return registers? Is so, this problem can be easily solved by moving the furniture out of the way and allowing air to flow freely into the ducts.

Experiencing uneven cooling in your home can be extremely irritating. Check for blocked registers and change the filter on the air conditioner first. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call a professional at SubZero to assist you in determining the cause behind this problem. We’re your St. Petersburg air conditioning experts.

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