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A Spring Checklist to Guarantee a Cool Summer

Living in the tropical climate of Southwest Florida in the Spring means longer days to enjoy our beautiful beach weather, barbeques, fishing, golf, and other outdoor activities. We truly have a slice of paradise here in St. Petersburg.

Do you know what else Spring means? Air conditioning maintenance. While A/C maintenance isn’t nearly as fun as fishing, — taking a few extra steps this spring and hiring the right AC repair specialist will ensure your home stays cool and comfortable when it’s time to come in from the heat.

Preparing Your AC for Summer

When preparing your St. Petersburg air conditioning system for summer, you not only need to consider the actual unit, but also make sure other areas of your home are just as prepared for its use.

  • Check the air filter on your AC. Filters that are clean will help cut down on the amount of energy the air conditioner needs to use in order to cool the home. Because of this, the amount of money you spend on the electric bill throughout the summer will decrease as well. If the filters are dirty, clean them, but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for doing so.
  • Walk around every room of your home and identify where each vent is. If furniture is blocking the air vents, move it immediately.
  • If certain rooms of the home will not be used during the summer, why waste energy cooling them? Close the vents in these rooms, shut the doors, and cover any open space beneath the door. This will greatly reduce the amount of space your St. Petersburg air conditioning system has to cool, and will keep your electricity bill low.
  • Get outside and take a good look at the AC unit. If any debris, such as grass clippings or leaves, has collected on its fits, clear it away. Throughout the spring, and the summer, check the unit regularly for these issues, and pay close attention to grass clippings that might be thrown from the lawn mower. This debris can cause the air conditioning unit to fail to function as it should, resulting in higher temps and high electricity bills this summer.

Once you have completed these steps yourself, it’s time to call in a professional HVAC expert to handle the rest. When it comes to your St. Petersburg air conditioning, our professional technicians at Sub Zero will perform any necessary preventative maintenance or repairs, which can include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluating the accuracy of the thermostat
  • Evaluating belt and motor conditions
  • Evaluating electric terminals to ensure they are covered with a coating that is non-conductive
  • Testing refrigerant levels and spotting signs of leakage
  • Ensuring ducts are properly installed and free of leaks
  • Measuring airflow through the coils

Summer is just around the corner, and with the warm temperatures and humidity found in Florida, you need an air conditioner that runs efficiently and functions well.

Make sure to take steps now prepare your AC for the summer months and call our St. Petersburg air conditioning experts to perform any repairs or maintenance your AC might need to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer.

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